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Biramis is for business owners who want to make more money, and become financially independent when they retire or exit their businesses.

Biramis: A laser guided focus on your wealth.

New ways to:

  • Cut through complexity
  • Build long term wealth

Focus on the four essential performance pillars to smart, strategic and sustained growth, profit and wealth creation.


“Concentrate all your thoughts upon the work at hand. The sun’s rays do not burn until brought to a focus.”

Alexander Graham Bell.


Grow, Profit, Create More Assets, Achieve Wealth.


We all want to create wealth for ourselves and our families, as well as creating opportunities for our employees:

However, did you know… 92% of people fail to achieve their goals. In fact 65% of businesses fail to survive beyond the first three years…

Why is it so difficult?

When we get distracted, we lose focus. We become reactive to: operations, people, cashflow, sales issues…

Decisions are many and often complex therefore we get derailed and multitask badly.

University of London research shows that multitasking both slows us, and our decision making.

In fact switching tasks can cost us up to 40% in productivity.

Too often entrepreneurs burst out of the wealth creation starting blocks only to stumble and fall.

At Biramis we use our 80 years combined business experience and value creation expertise to keep our clients on track.

This experience and expertise helps people just like you slice through demanding day to day complexities and get straight to what matters. Wealth. The right decisions, the right value creation priorities.

Who do we help? And where do we start?

You have achieved momentum, well done. Sales are coming in and your brand and reputation are starting to pay dividends. However, you feel the internal processes and mechanics could be smoother. You and your team are working hard, but there aren’t enough hours in the day to cope with everything.

What do you need? Better systems? More people? Less chaos and unpredictability? Do you need funding to avail you the opportunities coming your way?

We will help you carve the right capacity mix so you can unlock your business potential to move forward. Not only will you function better internally, you’ll be capable of taking on more, better quality, better value business.


The market has found you! Well done! But the increase in quantity and complexity of new business is overwhelming you.

The volume of transactions, of relationships, the focus on daily improvement, the growing numbers of interrelated decisions, new competing landscapes and the need to evolve your brand voice - it can become overwhelming. And that’s not even taking into account the need to manage volume alongside margin, to develop a coherent digital lead generation strategies and to continually develop client and internal relationships.

It’s tough.

But if handled skillfully, everything is manageable.

We will help you scale as required and cut through the complexities to focus on your wealth creation goals, reassert control and get ready to go again.


You are established, you have scale, you have people and you have systems. But the impact of years of low quality profit has taken its toll. You’ve been working harder and harder to stay on an even keel, even taking on clients not necessarily part of your original ‘sweet spot’. The consequence? Your brand has become diluted, damaged even, and it feels you’ve lost a little sharpness in the marketplace.

Internally? You have become very cost conscious, still trying to achieve your goals but trying to achieve them with ever decreasing input. We will help you review your strategy and to reposition your brand and value proposition so you can re-engage with your market - dynamically. A fresh, rejuvenated and energised approach to business.


You have stagnated for too long. You are stressed, concerned and with profit on the slide, things feel bad. Something needs to change, and it needs to change fast. Fortunately help is at hand. We will work with you to re-engineer your business for both growth and value creation. We’ll also prioritise your strategy and your business model to counteract early stage decline so you can feel safe, secure and back in control of your business and your future.


You would like to retire but you do not have a clear plan yet, as to who will take on the reins once you leave. Having this strategy in place will allow you to maximise the value for your exit, either through selling your business to an external party (trade sale), or handing over the business to your management team (Management Buy Out). In either case, you need a structure to hand over that will demonstrate your business can do well without your involvement. We will help you build your value strategy for a successful exit.


You may be keen to pass on to the next family generation a valuable legacy, and you want to do well out of this handover transaction. Family businesses have different cultures, mindsets, values. We understand them, and we will help you succeed in this crucial strategic step.

The Biramis High Performance Centre
Biramis HPC


What we do:

As a result, leadership and management team members will learn how to:

As a result, both personal lives and productivity at work are achieved, in a holistic way. Download here our Growth Performance Solutions pack, re Self Development in the workplace from Ches Moulton, accredited and certified Stress Management Consultant.


Download our Growth Solutions document.
The Biramis Team
Our Team

With experience in fast growth businesses, we find that clients require a mix of extra management skills, but also capacity, in order to move at a pace.

We can sit on both chairs, and for instance act as the digital marketing department for a period, achieve results, until the business can afford its own department. We can also provide process support in other areas, such as Finance, HR, Operations to achieve and fast track performance.

As a full strategy team, encompassing Wealth Creation Strategy as the wrapper, Digital, Finance, HR and Lean Operations, we act as Management Partners rather than external consultants, as the Biramis blend. We are also perceived as a ‘Non Executive Partner team’.

Bernard Kelly – Chairman

Bernard brings entrepreneurial flair and deep experience in building substantial scale and value into businesses.

He bought Benson Bed Centres in 1984, when they had 8 shops and in need of a turnaround. Bernard then built the Company to 140 stores before selling it successfully to a public company. On his departure, the Group had 423 stores. The company was then put up for sale with an asking price of £150 million. Now (not quite) retired, Bernard has a vested interest in helping grow and build Biramis MP into a leading international specialist management consultancy group, as he brings a wealth of practical skills and experience. In addition, Bernard also owns a substantial family property portfolio and retains a strong interest in stock market activity.

Christiane Hutchinson MBA - CEO

She is Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Biramis Management Partners, a specialist growth strategy and value creation management consultancy, based in Manchester, UK, and with deeply rooted networks in Dublin.

Christiane has over 25 years experience in strategic management consulting. Her global career with clients spans across France, Japan, the US, Ireland and the UK.

She brings a wealth of experience having worked across all life cycles of businesses along her career path, across trading, turnaround management, fast growth, scalability and exit strategies.

BRUCE McEWEN BCom CA (NZL) - Wealth Creation Manager (Finance)

Bruce is an experienced, hands on chartered accountant, who qualified with Coopers & Lybrand (PwC). His broad commercial and financial background was gained from working in and consulting to a diverse range of private companies and industry types at a senior level.

His experience at the blending edge of both finance and IT makes him the ideal Biramis client finance team partner to link our value building strategy module with operations efficiencies and performance capture and reporting.

Andrew Jancey – Client Manager (Manufacturing)

Andrew was born in Herefordshire and worked in the drinks industry for 25 years. He had various roles, leading large teams and implementing Oracle ERP systems and then migrating to SAP as part of a company takeover.

Over the last 12 years, he has qualified in Prince 2, PMP and Agile methodologies.  His experience in the manufacturing and production environments have shaped his experience in Supply Chain management, systems projects linking production and management systems, as well as implementing Sales and Forecasting systems.

Andrew is the team member at Biramis who looks after our clients processes and systems to streamline businesses for value creation. This role goes in tandem with our Finance and Strategy team colleagues.

There are 4 key performance pillars that help you address the fundamental differences between a business for Profit and a business for Wealth. We help you ensure they lie at the core of your day to day decisions
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Use our holistic, research based approach that’s proven to deliver coherence between growth, profit and value.

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    Christiane’s method to build valuable businesses really served us well when she and her team worked with us in Dublin over a two-year period. As a result, my business was in a much more structured shape and I was able to prepare for my exit, as a 50% shareholder. I am now retired, and I can enjoy a worry-free time. I know that the time and investment in building a valuable business in a purposeful way is a much better way to grow your business than purely reacting to events and hoping for the best. I would certainly recommend Christiane and her now Biramis team. True wealth is about choice and options – if you have a valuable company, you don’t need to sell it if you don’t want to, but you know you can… that is wealth from your business.

    Sean Conlon, Previous Managing Director
    Eurosales International

    I have been working and collaborating with Christiane Hutchinson and her teams for the past 10 years on various projects. Her commitment to deliver is unshakable and her way of working is practical, strategic and result oriented. I have worked with Christiane on turnaround as well as business growth projects. The ethos of wealth creation has always been at the core of her approach and her delivery team. No matter what the starting point is, the method crafted by Christiane, and now being delivered under the Biramis banner, is robust and I would recommend it to anyone seriously wishing to build a valuable business, whether for retirement purposes, or fast growth.

    Turlough O'Sullivan, Managing Director
    Resolve IE & former Director General, Irish Business and Employers Confederation (IBEC)

    I have known and worked with Christiane on business projects over the past 12 years. Her approach has always been totally pro-active to help grow businesses with the purpose of wealth creation and building value, before a medium to long term exit. This business purpose is supported by second to none experience and expertise and a determination to help clients achieve their goals, through a personable and flexible style. I would recommend the Biramis team to business owners who are serious about achieving business success and their wealth creation goals.

    Neil Keenan, Partner and Head of Corporate
    ByrneWallace Solicitors

    We are supporting the United Nations 17 Sustainable Goals by joining the B1G1 movement. This allows micro giving to create impact in the most needed areas.

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